Actinic is now called Sellerdeck…. WTF!

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I used Actinic pretty much exclusively for about 3/4 years some time ago and yes while it has its fair share of criticism, I still believe to this day that it’s a perfect solution for a small business who wants to get online for the first time. It has all the bits and peaces any business owner needs while allowing the owner to be fully in control.

But the other day when I went to visit the Actinic forums to see what people were talking about I find to my HORROR! they’ve changed the name to SellerDeck… WTF!


Now the name Actinic is still there but it’s now used for their brand new online adventure in partnershop with Oxatis.

They say that they needed to do this so they can distinguish better between their online version and the desktop version. OK that makes sense but WHAT A LOAD OF TOSH! It would of made more sense to keep the Actinic name for the desktop version and to call the online version SellerDeck.

To me there is more to this than meets the eye. Why the hell would anyone waste years building a brand for a piece of software known to thousands and then all of a sudden rename it making it an unheard of product and starting from scratch again???

If I had to guess, Actinic have realised offering a SaaS product is where the money’s at and they are hoping using the Actinic name for the new online product will give it a boost and help bring in the money faster. I also expect SellerDeck to fizzle away into the dark and be discarded like other shopping cart companies have done recently. I just feel sorry for the developers who have helped Actinic SellerDeck to get to where it is now, who now have to change their literature, websites, marketing, SEO etc to reflect this crazy change.


  1. Benjamin Dyer

    Hey Chunkford,

    Just spotted your blog. I appreciate not everyone is happy about the change of name but we believe it reflects where we are with the desktop products and services. Actinic was built around the startup eco system, this fits nicely with a SaaS solution, thats why we’ve sold our brand to Oxatis. The Desktop product is just part of a number of services SellerDeck offers, a refresh and a rebrand is something we’ve wanted to do for a while.

    There isn’t anything sinister going on, you can read the FAQ and rebranding message on our website: – hopefully this will clear up any confusion.

    Nice design on your blog by the way 😉


    • Chunkford

      Thanks Ben, appreciate the time to respond.

      Reading through my post is does seem I was a bit quick off the mark, but still, the business man in me feels it’s crazy to change the name and waste years of branding investment on a product that so many people know and understand.
      But then I wasn’t aware you sold the brand to Oxaits and what the sum you received for selling it. It could be an offer that can’t be refused?

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