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A couple of years back I found myself fighting with my accounting programs and trying to use systems that were nether intuitive or satisfactory. I was spending way to long fiddling with the programs, trying to do things that should have been really easy.  Instead should have been working on my own and the client projects I had on at the time.

It was a frustrating time and all I wanted was something to take away the burden of doing this chore.

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I don’t normally play games… well not like I used to. It must be the joys of growing up and having responsibilities (but that may change when the kids grown up 🙂 ) But I downloaded a game called triple town made by SpryFox the other day and so far I haven’t been able to put it down. It is pure addiction on another level.

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I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the search results at Google seem to be getting a lot less related to the actual Internet. By this I mean the “natural” listings that show the results for what’s really out there in the big world wide web is starting to take a back seat, more so than ever.

But isn’t this what Google’s about though; to search the Internet for the things you want?

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I used Actinic pretty much exclusively for about 3/4 years some time ago and yes while it has its fair share of criticism, I still believe to this day that it’s a perfect solution for a small business who wants to get online for the first time. It has all the bits and peaces any business owner needs while allowing the owner to be fully in control.

But the other day when I went to visit the Actinic forums to see what people were talking about I find to my HORROR! they’ve changed the name to SellerDeck… WTF!

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I’m an avid fan of Firefox and love all the wonderful plugins that are on offer. Plugins that help me in my everyday life on the internet.

But literally from day one I have always had a problem with Firefox eating so much of my precious memory (RAM) on my computer.
With every release I wait with baited breath in hope that the new version would fix the issue.

But it never happens 🙁

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I’ve been a member of traffic planet since it first inception, it’s not my normal hang out but I do tend to read what’s being posted over there now and again as it keeps me in check with other areas of SEO.

Since Google started to mass send messages through webmaster tools to nearly 700,000+ site owners and with the convenient mass de-indexation of major blog networks such as ALN and BMR, the rumour mill has been churning faster and faster with the speculation of negative SEO becoming more of an easier activity to do.

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