I’ve found a Solution to Firefox’s Memory Leak Problem (sort off).

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I’m an avid fan of Firefox and love all the wonderful plugins that are on offer. Plugins that help me in my everyday life on the internet.

But literally from day one I have always had a problem with Firefox eating so much of my precious memory (RAM) on my computer.
With every release I wait with baited breath in hope that the new version would fix the issue.

But it never happens 🙁

I’ve tried all sorts to try and fix it but today, I’ve found a plugin that looks to be my saviour.

Plugin Homepage – http://www.browsermemory.com/
Firefox Plugin Page – https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/memory-fox/

I’m currently using Firefox V12 and so far it looks to be working a treat.

Where normally after a few hours of use Firefox eats a massive 1.7 Gb of my memory.
This little beauty of a plugin seems to keep it under control at around 0.5Gb. OH YEAAAAA!!! get in!!

All though it’s not a fix, I can’t tell you enough how happy I am to finally find something that keeps me from moving to another browser.

Let hope that the clever guys and gals at Mozilla get round to finally stamping out this horrible memory leak that’s been plaguing them for years.


[EDIT: 14/05/12 ] Even though this does keep the memory leak under control to a certain extent, Firefox does still need restarting now and again, but nothing like I used to do!


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