Today’s the day SEO changed for the worse – Negative SEO goes mainstream

By @ 04/18/12 in Uncategorized

I’ve been a member of traffic planet since it first inception, it’s not my normal hang out but I do tend to read what’s being posted over there now and again as it keeps me in check with other areas of SEO.

Since Google started to mass send messages through webmaster tools to nearly 700,000+ site owners and with the convenient mass de-indexation of major blog networks such as ALN and BMR, the rumour mill has been churning faster and faster with the speculation of negative SEO becoming more of an easier activity to do.

Pixlegrinder grinder first announced that he was going to be doing a negative SEO case study on traffic planet, and yesterday he and his partner in crime, Jammy announced the results… NEGATIVE SEO IS REAL!!

It looks like Google in their vain attempt to try and make the search results better have lowered the bar to enable other people to tank a competitors site. It’s a sad day today, and I only hope Google wise up and stop this from being a reality.

Negative SEO has always been around, but now Google have made it a lot easier. It’s a real shame as there are already websites popping up offering to negative SEO a site, and domain buyers have been scrambling to purchase all those keyworded domains based around negative SEO. There are even people trying to buy domains that have been slapped by Google to use against other sites.


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