Triple Town – Pure gaming addiction

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I don’t normally play games… well not like I used to. It must be the joys of growing up and having responsibilities (but that may change when the kids grown up 🙂 ) But I downloaded a game called triple town made by SpryFox the other day and so far I haven’t been able to put it down. It is pure addiction on another level.

It’s a very simple concept where by you match 3 items in a straight line or in a ‘L’ shape to turn them into another item. So for example 3 grasses turns into a bush. 3 Bushes turns into a tree, 3 trees turn into a hut, and so on.

Here’s an evolution map to help understand:

The board you play on is fairly small (6×6) so there isn’t much room but this adds to the challenge and rather than blindly placing items on the board, you need to plan ahead and have a strategy in place.

Top Tip:
When trying to combine huts into houses etc it best to do this in the middle of board and not the edges. It’s much easier to combine them when you have access to more sides and not having it restricted by the sides of the board.

Addition to the standard items, you also have bears which can be a PITA if you don’t have a method to control them as these only turn into stone when trapped and when you have 3 stones together they turn into a church and so on. Also watch out for those ninja bears! they hop around the screen and can only be delt with if you had a bot to destroy them. So these can cause problems if your not careful.

There’s also a save place you can store valuable items such as crystals which acts as any 3rd item, bots to destroy items, huts, trees etc basically anything, even bears. But you only have 1 slot so use it wisely.

All in all, I love this game. So much so I purchased it. Now take into account that I’ve been an Android user from day 1 and I have never brought an app in my life. So for me to purchase this game must say a lot.

Here’s a link to download it on Andriod. It’s also available on iOS, Facebook, Google+ and the Kindle.

Enjoy and don’t blame me if you find yourself wasting your life away because of this game!


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